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Easter Mini Sessions of Early April 2021

During April I hosted an Easter mini shoot where I took pictures of different families with the Easter bunny. The bunny was just my wife, Keisha, in a costume. She was very good with the kids and kept a smile on my face whenever we were waiting for the next family to show up. My daughter/assistant, Shayla, was also at some of the shoots. She kept Keisha's costume in order and made sure everybody was looking right. They were both happy to help me right after work and school so I'm very thankful for them.

Each family that came up varied in levels of difficulty to shoot. A few of the kids were scared of the bunny and some wouldn't stop crying, plus, babies wouldn't smile or look at the camera. I did get some photogenic kids, though. They were in love with the bunny and gave me some big smiles. I even got some kids from the playground nearby who didn't have a shoot booked but got super excited to see the bunny. Some of them even got pictures.

Setting up the scene wasn't hard but at one point the little truck sign broke. One of the girls at the shoot was playing around with the set with her sister and cracked the sign. No one got mad at her and we assured her and her mom that it was totally fine. It was still usable and no one would notice the crack. The eggs, on the other hand, are a totally different story. The kids loved playing with the eggs and would open them in hopes of finding candy, so it was a bit tedious keeping the eggs in order. One kid even tried to steal one! Luckily, Keisha had some carrot-shaped candy bags prepared to give to the rowdy kids. Not everyone wanted one, especially the scared kids, but they were still a hit. Overall, the most difficult part of the set up was the clean up. We had to fit an entire chair into my car with Shayla in the back. It was a struggle but at least the smaller things fit into the car with ease. Another little secret to the set up is that Keisha had painted the chair we used to give it a fresh look. We still use that chair for other shoots, so it's really awesome that she did that for me.

Choosing the location for the shoot was a bit difficult but I'm happy with the outcome. Before the sessions I had taken my daughters, Laila and Shayla, to that park to help me look for a good spot. It took a while but we decided on a spot in the grassy area away from the playground and based most of the shots there. We also had fun reminiscing about when the girls were kids and would play at that park.

Overall, the Easter shoots were a success and everyone had a great time.

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